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 Insight of Different Spirit Forces

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Ghostbusting is a form of exorcism that recognises that there are a number of different spiritual forces that require transformation. Here is a brief description of what I have come to understand about the abstract spiritual forces.

Both benign and negative ghosts can interfere and disrupt people’s life to a greater or lesser degree. You can also check out a short video by clicking on this link: “ghosts” which gives a basic insight into what a ghost is.

Ghosts that are Benign: this form of ghost often haunts houses and properties. It does no harm because it is lost between dimensions. This means that they have not yet fully transcended to their home place in the universe when physical death occurred. There are a number of reasons for this, one being that they have an attachment to something on earth. This could be a house, property or another person. The attachment is so strong that the will of the spirit prevents it from returning back into universal consciousness.

Negative Ghosts: this form of energy can create small disturbances in a specific room or an area in a house. The disturbance could be a sound or an object disappearing from one location and found in another. A ghost can appear as a shadowy movement in a room. The temperature of the room falls dramatically, leaving you with a chilly feeling. Negative ghosts can also leave a bad smell.

Poltergeist: the poltergeist is an advanced form of spirit that holds a strong negative force, much as it did when physically alive.  A poltergeist can create havoc and fear for those who live in a dwelling with such an entity. The poltergeist is an advanced spirit, a powerful negative force that can override ritualistic methods. Priests for example are often unsuccessful in their attempt to remove a poltergeist. This is often due to fact that a priest is often unable to connect and see the poltergeist in order to remove it. The removal of a poltergeist requires deeper and more advanced methods to transform it, which is what ghostbusting provides.

Disincarnate Spirits: the disincarnate spirit is an energy that chooses not to return to Earth under the Law of Karma. This basically means that it chooses not to work with whatever negativity it had created in a previous life or lives. This is why this form of energy possesses other human beings in an effort to try and control their Soul.

Two or more entities can possess a person. This means that he/she is one person for a while, and in the next minute can change into another person. The individual who has this form of possession can have a different voice or appearance from one moment to the next. The disincarnate spirit is also an advanced form of energy and will require a strong exorcist to remove it.

Demonic Forces: a demonic force is one of the strongest negative forces that one can encounter; in fact it’s the Master of darkness. A master of darkness is an extremely advanced energy that uses the dark side to create fear in the hearts of people as a means to control them. This energy can possess one or more human beings and can and does take over their lives. A demonic force  continually seeks ways in which to control the behavior patterns of the person. They often find it difficult to fight back, because their soul power is weakened. The soul’s power has little effect in eliminating the dark force from within. This form of work also requires more advanced methods of removal.

If you have any questions regarding the above please contact me.

Love and light, Ralph Jenkins